Sometimes Fear Means I’m On the Right Track

The past six months have been a time of transformation for me personally, and this has led to transformation in my business as well. I know that something new is coming for me, but it hasn’t always been clear exactly what that is. The week after I returned from vacation I had extremely low energy and felt like my brain was in a fog. I felt unmotivated and scared about being unmotivated.

Then Monday morning I awoke with new sense of purpose. The fog had cleared and I felt ready to get on with things – if I only knew what those things were!

I went through my morning ritual for the first time since I had returned from vacation a week earlier. I was inspired in what to write in my daily blog post, I read my emails, posted on Facebook and balanced my bank accounts, had breakfast and went to meditate.

Several months ago I had an inspiration that I was meant to have a weekly television show something like Oprah’s Life Class, yet different. I would share a lesson in authenticity that came from my personal life (much like I do in this blog) and then take call-in coaching calls.

When I first set my intention for this show, lots of things happened. I had inspiration about people to contact and ways to produce it myself. Opportunities for new contacts presented themselves. Then the past month – nothing. Last week while I was in a fog and feeling unmotivated I was rather worried about this.

During my meditation Monday morning a whole vision for the next phase of my business – and for fulfilling my life purpose – presented itself. I saw how I would get started with my television show, how that was related to the book I am writing, how I would shift from being a local coach to being a national (or even international) coach.

I knew that I could immediately act on this vision. It was not dependent upon anyone else approving or providing access to what I needed. And I immediately became scared out of my wits!

All my fears about worthiness and failure presented themselves, and very loudly, too. Who am I to think I can have a television show? What do I have to offer that anyone wants to hear? How will I ever think of enough topics to speak about? How will I fill up an hour of time every week? What if I can’t help whoever calls in?

And almost as quickly I remembered several things I had been told recently.

  • “The ego is never ready to do the soul’s job.” (Robert Holden)
  • Fear and excitement create the same chemical reaction in your brain; when you’re feeling fear it may really be excitement.
  • “Fear, Laura, like joy, usually means that you’re exactly where you should be, learning what you’re ready to learn, about to become more than who you were.” (Mike Dooley – TUT Messages from the Universe)

Remembering all these messages about what fear can mean in the context of moving into the unknown helped me very quickly let go of that fear. I am pleased and amazed that I was quickly able to move from fear to excitement, and stay there.

I am incredibly grateful for having received these messages over the past months so that they were in my memory bank to call upon when I needed them. It is a reminder that I am always supported by the Universe (spirit, God, whatever name you prefer). I get what I need, when I need it.

Moving through the many experiences of fear and uncertainty over the past six months has been incredibly enriching for me. Each time I encounter an opportunity to give in to fear or to move past it I strengthen my belief that I am on the right path, fulfilling my life purpose.

I’m learning to embrace fear as an indicator that I am on the right track, and that I am moving into an area that will bring far more fulfillment and reward than I can possibly imagine.

7 responses to “Sometimes Fear Means I’m On the Right Track

  1. LaRee Ghassemi

    Laura, you are smart and brave! I really admire your strengths! You go, girl!

  2. I’d watch that show!! The lessons you are sharing are so inspiring. Thanks for continuing to share so much wisdom.

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