This is a lovely reminder to just be. Here. Now.


Stay Awake. Remember to Listen. Breathe.

That’s it. Today I am trying to stay awake. When I come to and realize I have been caught up thinking about something that happened in the past or may happen in the future, I stop and get back to the moment at hand.

I am trying to listen. I can’t learn when I am talking, or when my mind is full of the buzzing chatter that drowns out the present and sends my mind spinning with what if’s and must do’s.

I am trying to breathe deeply and release all that I don’t need. Moving through fear, doubt, anger and anxiety is much more possible with a body and mind calmed by great big inhales and nice slow exhales.

I took a yoga class a few years ago in which I thought I would lose my mind. That was because for the full…

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