I’m Baaaaack!

More than a year ago I moved my blog to my business website. I totally lost the following that I had, and have missed the comments and support that I had received when I began this blog almost two years ago.

Last night I had a flash of insight. I realized that the purpose for beginning this blog was completely different from the purpose in having a blog on my website.

My purpose when I began this blog was to show up as my true, authentic self. To speak what was true for me. To test my courage and resolve to be honest and allow myself to be vulnerable enough to let others see who I really am.

When I moved my blog to my business website I suddenly began monitoring and censoring what I wrote. I wanted it to be helpful for other people. I wanted it to help me build my business. I started worrying that I would look weak if I was completely honest about myself, and that others would not want my services because of that. I felt that every blog post had to add value to the reader’s life and so I agonized over what the lesson was, or what tool or practice I could share.

So, you see, two completely different purposes. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before!

The reality has been that people don’t comment on my blog on my website. I really miss the engagement with others.

So, I’m back. And I’m rededicating myself to the purpose that I began with almost two years ago. To show up as me, warts and all. To share my experiences and what I’ve learned from them. Or to share my doubts and fears and ask for help from others when I need it.

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