The More Things Change…

Today is May 4, 2016. It’s been 4 years since I started this blog, and 2 years since I last posted. I thought an update to my “about” was in order, given how much my life has changed since I began this blog.

I was surprised by how little had changed from my original “about”, given how much has changed in  my life in the past four years.

My name is Laura Longley. I am a woman in mid-life on a spiritual journey.

It’s about the only thing that hasn’t changed in the past 4 years (or so I thought). Keep reading!

I changed careers several years ago from software development to counseling and coaching – a choice that much better suited me. In this process I identified my purpose as ‘I use my wisdom and knowledge to help others grow, while continuing to learn and grow myself.

Just a bit of history, no change here.

My current phase of growth is around authenticity and love. I had a transformative experience in November, 2011 (see my first post for details: which has jumped me forward in my growth and evolution.  I now see my purpose as ‘I help others be happier through living a more authentic life.’  This is more specific both in the outcome as well as how it is achieved.

I guess I would say this is mostly valid, too, although my sense of my purpose has changed over time. Even though I still believe that others are helped by living a more authentic life, I now read that statement as ‘I help others be happier through living a more authentic life myself.’ I realize that how I show up in the world has an impact on everyone around me. I don’t have to do anything directly in order to impact their happiness. If I’m happier, they’re happier.

My first intention in this blog is to speak my truth, to be open and authentic about who I am and what I’m up to.  Much of my life has been spent monitoring and censoring what I say based on how I think it will be received.  My practice (and believe me, it is practice, not perfect) now is to say what is true for me with love and compassion.

Yup, still true.

My second hope is that my own journey and process may help, inspire or encourage someone else along their own path.

Yup, true again. Although at this point I feel like it truly is a secondary goal, where before it felt a bit like trying to get external validation by helping others. Now, not so much.

So, what has changed for me in the past four years?

  • I quit my private counseling and coaching practice
  • I sold my house
  • I sat around contemplating my naval for a couple of years
  • I tried to make things happen that never materialized
  • I learned to allow things to happen
  • I went back to work in my previous career of software (which I swore I never would do)
  • I became estranged from my teenaged son
  • I became an introvert
  • I experienced many miracles
  • I received guidance through my dreams
  • I moved twice
  • I fought and resisted and cried
  • I enjoyed being mostly free of obligation and demands of others
  • I shifted and changed and changed some more
  • I manifested money (with the help of Spirit) in ways I could never have imagined
  • I discovered my deceased father’s history through a dream and helped him to heal and move on
  • I finally accepted that what others think of me is not about me
  • I learned that Spirit has my back
  • I became aware of synchronicity and serendipity
  • I stopped worrying about money
  • I reconnected with my childhood best friend, who is now my grown-up best friend
  • I let a lot of relationships fall away
  • I learned to trust and value myself

There’s much more – it’s been four years of huge change – but this list is pretty representative.

And still, my outlook on life, my understanding of why I’m here, has not changed. It has deepened and perhaps I have a slightly different perspective. Certainly I have more knowledge, understanding and wisdom. But, in general I still believe that my life purpose (and in my view, the life purpose of each of us) is to move towards becoming more of who we truly are: a spiritual being.

4 responses to “The More Things Change…

  1. Wow Laura. Hope you expound on the changes in the coming months. It’s been how many years since Calling in the One. Great to read this. It speaks to my own truths.

    • So great to hear from you, Pam! Yes, it seems like a lifetime ago that we connected via Calling in the One. My view about “the One” has changed significantly since then, too! I guess I should have added to my list a return to online dating 18 months ago, and subsequent withdrawal from online dating. 🙂 I’m now in a place where I know that when (if) the time is right, the One will show up without me having to work it. What about you? Would love to hear what you’ve been up to. Connect with me on Facebook and we can PM (and exchange email addresses)?

  2. So glad you are back. Looking forward to some more great posts!!

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